Ocean City Seafood Restaurant is truly family style, giving you a Chinese dining experience that is best enjoyed with a variety of dishes. Our recipes are influenced by the different regions of China. Our recipes and Asian inspired dishes possess flavors that represent the best in traditional and contemporary cooking styles.

Our dim sum (available all hours), which means a “Touch of Heart”, offers you an eclectic variety of mouth-watering dishes. Our fried and steamed dumplings contain a wide array of fillings served in tiers of steamers or small sized plates, and arrive in small carts allowing you to pick and sample a variety of dishes at the same time.

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional dining experience every time you walk through our doors. Come in and experience the Ocean City Seafood Restaurant where the tasteful blend of Chinese tradition and contemporary comfort create the ultimate dining experience whether you are here for dim sum, dinner or a banquet celebration!

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